Lowering ICT operational costs through cloud services

JTMi Services aims to broker cloud services or provide cloud services that provide value to the Customer and Supplier.

Cloud services are proving to be valuable to many businesses in either reducing IT operational costs or improving agility and mobility in business ventures. JTMi Services has over 10 years experience with cloud and hosted services, tailoring your cloud requirements into a fit-for-purpose solution that provides easy-to-manage monthly service fees.

  • JTMi Services has worked within a cloud provider before and therefore understands cloud provider operations and offerings
  • JTMi Services understands that most businesses struggle with understanding what cloud services can offer for their business and therefore can broker the best deal for your requirements
  • JTMi Services has good relationships with cloud providers and can therefore provide cloud services at value for money.

The best thing to do is contact one of our Principal Consultants about your cloud requirements today.