No need to worry about the 'IT Stuff'

JTMi Services aims to support the architecture that delivers business services.

The systems of a business are a bit like the engine room, which will be critical to the efficiency and productivity of a business. The infrastructure is the backbone of the business to support staff and clients to communicate and use information and deliver services to the customer. Data and information need to flow smoothly along the infrastructure to a variety of location and devices for services to be effective.

JTMi Services can offer ICT Managed Services at an hourly rate or daily rate and be on-site or remote (to save costs), depending on your business requirements. Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) Managed Services include:

  • Installing software and applications to the infrastructure
  • Installing databases to store system data and information
  • Configuring the software and applications to meet business requirements
  • Configuring web sites and transactional services
  • Adding/migrating any data or information to populate the application for use
  • Programming or script writing
  • Testing the application to ensure it works
  • Deployment and implementation into an operational environment
  • Maintenance and health checks on systems and applications
  • Reviews on existing systems to determine business value
  • Installing devices and equipment to make up the architecture required
  • Installing servers and server operating software
  • Installing security devices and security software to ensure network is secure
  • Configuring communication and network devices
  • Liaising with Service Providers for power, cables, telecoms, internet and cloud solutions
  • Hosting domains and web sites
  • Examining issues to be resolved
  • Brokerage to Vendors and Service Providers to resolve issues
  • Remote and on-site support for infrastructure
  • Maintenance and health checks on infrastructure
  • Maintenance of hosted web solutions.

Our professional Consultants can provide timely services to meet your ad-hoc or scoped ICT requirements. JTMi Services can do as little as an host a web site for you, right through to information security. We can also provide continual ICT support. The best thing to do is contact one of our Principal Consultants about your requirements today.