Building partnerships to build capability to build your business

Building capability is like building a house, you need a concept of what you want the house to look like and how it will meet all your needs from cleaning your clothes to entertaining your friends.

Building partnerships gives greater options for how you can deliver those capabilities. JTMi Services has partnerships with organisations that can offer extra value to your ICT solutions. This can be anything from an application in the cloud to physical laptops to printing services.

JTMi Services is looking for:

  • Cloud Providers to partner with that offer SaaS, IaaS and PaaS
  • ICT Provders to partner with that offer quality ICT products (for re-sell/on-sell) for small to medium size businesses
  • Business Providers to partner with that offer value add services.

The best thing to do is contact one of our Principal Consultants about your partnership arrangments today.